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Today is Colouring Book Day and whilst we all know how much children love to colour, we thought we’d share just how important colouring can actually be to your child’s development. Yes, it’s fun and keeps them entertained, but so much more is being set in place which will help your child throughout their personal and educational development. Here’s our top ten benefits of colouring…


Language development

If you are there with your child when they are colouring, we all notice how quickly they become chatter boxes about what they are doing on the paper! This can seriously improve your child’s language development and increase the speed in which this progresses. It can help you improve their vocabulary with recognition and learning of descriptive adjectives and colour names. Learning these skills from a young age allows your child to feel more confident reproducing these words in different situations.


Motor skills

The very process of colouring can help your child’s development of their motor skills. Holding the pencil and learning to grip correctly for control while colouring helps develop their little hand muscles and also aids with coordination in grip and muscle strength required for other activities. As the colouring gets neater, the more they are learning this skill.


Improved handwriting

There have been results of some studies who state that the earlier your child can grip and comfortably and confidently use a pencil, the greater control and confidence they have to naturally move this onto learning to write. The less intimidating this new skill can feel, the easier it will be to embrace.


Therapy & stress relief

Lets face it, colouring can be a very useful ‘timeout’ to an over-tired or over-excited child. Colouring has proven relaxation benefits and has even become the ‘go-to’ stress relief for adults with the rising popularity of adult colouring books! Setting time aside for your child to colour can help give their little minds the time they need to process their day and any ups and downs which may have occurred can be calmed. Making this a regular event in your week can help your child maintain a more relaxed state, which allows for a more open mind when reaching school, fresh and ready to learn.


Confidence & self esteem

Colouring can really help increase your child’s confidence in their ability to achieve successfully. When a child completes a colouring page, we have all seen that sense of pride and satisfaction on their little faces in the knowledge they have started and completed a task – and because it’s playtime, been praised for it. This pattern reinforcement can have great effects longer term on children growing up as they strive to achieve. The improvements they see as their own colouring skills develop help with their self-esteem.


Recognition and awareness

Spending time with your child colouring can help develop their recognition and awareness of form, shapes, colours, boundaries and so much more. They can learn so much by interacting together with the colouring activities, making play educational and with strong developmental benefits. This all ties into increasing their confidence as they grow as all of this newly learnt skill will be soaked up like a sponge and used in other situations without, or with less, insecurity.


Creates self expression

As much as children need to learn that their are boundaries and rules, it is so important for them to be able to understand and grow into their personalities. The creativity behind the art of colouring allows the perfect space for that self expression. Let them colour with confidence and see what work of art ends up on the fridge door next!


Stimulates & enhances creativity

A child’s creativity and imagination is a beautiful wonder and colouring can offer the perfect platform for this to be expressed. Give children the same colouring page and no two will be the same. This free flow of creativity can unlock all kinds of imaginative work that can take your child anywhere as they grow and learn. It may even ignite what could become a lifelong passion for something…you may discover that you have the next Banksy!


Quality time together

Some good old fashioned quality time with you, your child and a colouring book can be just what is needed to make any day ok. It’s a quiet space (sometimes!) where you can interact with the children during their peaceful playtime and just chat. What could be better.


Learning to plan

Colouring is a fantastic way for children to start to develop planning skills. They have to process many steps when they are completing a colouring page, from what colours to use, in what order and what decoration to add to their colour fills. All of this requires a basic plan and this will help them throughout the rest of their journey through learning.

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