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The top five benefits of reading together

We all know that children love to read. But we sometimes wonder if we adults truly know just how much they want to read with us?! In a study by the 2016 Australian Kids & Family Reading Report – Scholastic, the results showed that a staggering 86% of children said that they loved having books read aloud by their parents or guardians. As we can see for the infographic above, there are many benefits of reading aloud with your children. It stimulates so many other things…

The key points

The strengthening of the bond between you and your child from reading together is huge. It is this quality time together which creates ‘favourite’ and cosy family moments, where children are lost in the security of ‘you time’. Consequently, this encourages the child to express themselves differently – the activity is now interactive as oppose to silent reading. Almost all children embrace this with a world of hero’s and dragons or fairies and princesses, whatever the book evokes. Because you are doing this together, they will communicate all of these exciting tales to you. As a result, increasing their imagination and creativity. Whilst at the same time, developing vocabulary and improving speech and confidence.

In addition, all of the above helps the child in preparation for reaching their school years as they have developed further at home. A child who reads with adults is usually more interactive in a classroom as they are used to this interaction during activities, which means it will be easier to learn. The confidence they will have in communicating and expressing themselves will also be heightened by having taken those moments to read together.

And why else is it a good idea to read aloud together? Because it is fun! And yes, it does also exercise the brain and as our children’s brains are one big developing muscle, we need to make sure it gets enough exercise!

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