Does the thought of a shopping trip with your favourite little person fill you with anxiety?  It doesn’t have to be that way!  If you put into place a few strategies and ideas for playing games at the supermarket while shopping, it can become a great learning experience for your little people.  

Going to the supermarket is an essential part of everyday life, but sometimes taking our kids shopping can be quite an ordeal.  It’s easy for us to overlook (pardon the pun) that our kids are only 2-3ft tall.  There are often crowds of people, as well as bright lights and lots of noise that can be overwhelming for our favourite little people, even if you have been taking them to the supermarket ever since they were born.

Even if your children are not sensitive, these environmental issues and factors like tiredness can play a huge part when it comes to their behaviour at the Supermarket.

There are a few things you can do to help prepare them for a shopping trip and to keep them busy while you are there.  At Lemon Tree, one of our ‘Everyday Experience’ books does just that.


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Some ideas to make a shopping trip a little smoother ….

1. Before you go, be prepared – explain to your child why you need to go to the supermarket. Remind them what it will ‘feel’ like when they are there, with bright lights and lots of people.  Write a list together with everything you need and involve them in meal suggestions and what ingredients may be needed.

2. There are a number of games you can play to keep your kids ‘busy’, or distracted from the lights and noise….and i’m definitely not talking ‘hide and seek.’  An easy game of I Spy colours or shapes is fun and they are learning at the same time.  If they are starting to learn to read, you can introduce letters and words into the game.  

You can find a few game ideas here :

3. Recognise the signs if your favourite little person is becoming overwhelmed or overstimulated, and if necessary, cut the trip short, just getting the essentials.

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How Lemon Tree ‘Everyday Experience’ books can help

Our new range of books have been developed by leading educators and SENDCO’s to support sensitive children or those with special educational needs.  If your little one struggles with bright lights, crowds or is uncomfortable with new surroundings, these books can help to prepare your child for everyday events like going to the supermarket, hairdresser or doctor.

We hope that in some small way, our books can help your sensitive child to feel less anxious about everyday experiences.



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