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Exciting news!  New range launched to support sensitive children or those with special educational needs.

At Lemon Tree we’re passionate about encouraging children to read and to develop strong literacy skills.  Reading should be fun and engaging, while strengthening a child’s self esteem and thereby confidence.

We’re excited to launch our new range of books, supporting children who may be anxious about ‘Everyday Experiences.’   With 12 titles planned in the series, we are launching our first 3 books on Monday 24th June 2019.  They are for all children, but may be particularly helpful for sensitive children or those with special educational needs.

These books will help to support and prepare your favourite little person for some of the things that may happen.  Our current titles look at three activities that may cause anxiety; Going To The Doctor; Going To The Hairdresser; and Going To The Supermarket.

You can find out more about our books or buy them by clicking here.

Endorsed by leading educators and Sendco’s….

These books have been developed and endorsed by leading educators.

The stories all have clearly defined non-verbal cues to help children identify emotions and leading SENDCo, Abigail Hawkins, has stated; “These books allow families to explore the things that may happen, helping to ensure a visit has some predictability – an essential for many children with difficulties.”   

If you need support for your SEN child, you can contact Sendco Solutions direct at

Abigail also has solutions to assist educators and Sendco’s, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our education consultant, Louise Cameron BSc (Hons), PGCE, National SENCO Accreditation Award (PGCE SEN), has worked tirelessly to make sure the content of our books is relevant to those who need it most. 

“They will be helpful for those who have a diagnosis of a special educational need such as Autism, Global Delay or Down Syndrome.”


You can find out more about Abigail and Sendco Solutions, by clicking here.

Makaton Signs to support comprehension

Our ‘Everyday Experience’ books are endorsed by The Makaton Charity.  We use Makaton signs to support comprehension and are pleased to invite you to practise communicating with your favourite little person using Makaton. 

Find them at



You can find out more about Makaton by clicking here.

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