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Creative activities with children

creative activities with children…

Meet the book biters!…

Creative activities with children can be difficult to discover continuously. Therefore, at Lemon Tree, we’ll do everything we can to make sure we can help! Being firm believers in engaging your child in crafts, reading and social activities with you, this ticks all boxes. These fun characters are call ‘The Book Biters’. Once downloaded, you can cut out the mouth and have bookmarks the kids will love. Not only does this allow for a fun and creative activity with your child, the characters are bright and colourful so can help with colour recognition. You can let their imaginations run wild with the character names and personalities as all are downloaded neutral. There is even a cute, inspiration message written on each of the book biters. This will help your child with word recognition and reading, but at the same time, learn to think positively!

We have the first two of the collection to download for you here but look out for the rest and get the whole family of ‘book biters’… you’ll just need some extra books for them now!



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