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Computer Skills

This month the world has been celebrating computer skills and computer learning. This is a subject which has become so important and continues to grow year on year. Schools are now understanding the value of developing children’s computer skills beyond typing documents and doing research. So much so that they are introducing coding classes for kids! There is much debate about how early you should introduce your child to screen, especially in Europe. We won’t enter that debate at the moment! But encouraging your pre-school child to have a grasp of safe internet use would certainly stand them in good stead when they are required to do this at school. Most children use the computers and ipads but that’s often just to play games. Whilst that helps with all sorts of development, it’s a very solo activity.

At Lemon Tree, we offer you the opportunity to work with your child to help them start to use the internet, complete a form, spell, and read. This can all be achieved with our fun and interactive craft packs…

Lemon Tree Craft Packs…

The craft packs are a great way to introduce or improve your child’s computer skills. Firstly, you need to choose your story. Then you buy that craft pack. The packs contain your colourful book cover, amazing stickers, colouring pages and fun fact pages which children love. Once this arrives at your home, you can now start on those computer skills! Together you can complete the form entering your child’s name, their friend’s names, the town you live in, all ready to be personalised into your very own pages. As well as being fun and exciting, your child will be learning spelling, typing, name recognition, as well as improving cognitive skills, such as hand to eye coordination. Once that’s complete, download and print your pages and let the fun begin!



“Such a lovely activity. Ava enjoyed it so much and was so excited about seeing the book print out with the names she had just typed in. We spend the whole afternoon having fun, perfect activity for a rainy day! Thank you Lemon Tree!”

Our Lemon Tree craft packs all feature strong, gender neutral characters which your children can identify with increasing their skills, concentration and imagination. Everything from detectives to dinosaurs and each and every book personalised. Take a look at our story range via the tab below and get their imaginations flowing!

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