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This week we have seen some lovely articles in the British media about children’s books! According to research, children are rekindling their natural love the the written word in its paper form! Due to the onset of ‘screen fatigue’ it has meant that young kids today want to split their time for reading. Whilst there is a place for screen, they also want to actually sit down and curling up with a real life book! As a result, going ‘back to basics’ means that the joy of page turning will be long enjoyed.

Paper Books.

The printed word of children’s books…

Reading a hard copy of a book can make a story more engaging when this is done alongside reading through screen. The printed word is crucial for children to learn to understand in its original format. Almost as much as developing their ability to read on screen. Furthermore, it heightens the view that many European countries have regarding no screens before 4. Whilst this is not such a talked about issue in the UK, it is certainly a prevalent campaign on the mainland. Consequently, parents have often worried about youngsters spending too much time on their computer or games console. But experts now believe that there is a real hunger for the written word among children. According to industry magazine, The Bookseller: ‘Children are now reading more and want to read print.’ This is particularly true for older children, but the reading bug is starting earlier and earlier.

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