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Did you know around 15% of children are highly sensitive?  But what does that mean exactly?  Read on to find out what makes a child ‘sensitive’.

At Lemon Tree, our new range of books has been developed to support highly sensitive children or those with special educational needs. In this week’s blog we look at some common traits of high sensitivity.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not a ‘condition,’ ‘syndrome’ or ‘disorder’,  it just means your favourite little person is more sensitive to their surroundings.  Your sensitive child will startle easily, hear faint sounds, be frightened by loud noises or bright lights, and may not cope well in crowds. 

Sensitive children are often very sweet natured and eager to please.  They are look at the world quite deeply and are known to ask interesting and intuitive questions.  If you think you might have a sensitive child, you can take a quick questionnaire at

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Some traits to look out for ….

1. They have a lot of empathy for others.  They are kind and caring and start to worry if they think a friend or family member may be upset.

2. They take in more information.  They can hear faint sounds, detect smells we can’t, or may feel itchy with certain types of clothing materials.

3.   They may need more downtime than other kids.  Because they are easily overstimulated, they may get tired quicker and need to relax in less stimulating environments.

4.  They can be prone to tantrums.  Since they often feel ‘overloaded,’ feelings may be harder to control and this can result in a mini (or major) meltdown!

If you want more information or parenting tips, these sites may help:

How Lemon Tree ‘Everyday Experience’ books can help

Our new range of books have been developed by leading educators and Sendco’s to support sensitive children or those with special educational needs.  If your little one struggles with bright lights, crowds or is uncomfortable with new surroundings, these books can help to prepare your child for everyday events like going to the supermarket, hairdresser or doctor.

We hope that in some small way, our books can help your sensitive child to feel less anxious about everyday experiences.



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